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Service Today Keeps the Pests Away!

Face it; the world we live in is full of bugs – an environment with many pests all around! These pesky neighbors are constantly seeking sources of food, water and new areas to live and grow. With little or no encouragement they end up at your doorstep, probing for entry routes to take them to the food and water they seek. With a safe perimeter application spray and strategic locations for bait stations, you can easily keep these pests on the outside where they belong!

Preventative Service

  1. A clean and healthy home starts with a complete inspection to discover any current or potential pest issues (including complete inspection of the crawlspace).
  2. Complete perimeter spray from the ground alongside the foundation, up the siding including all of the eaves. If needed, we will also spray the crawlspace and the inside of the home if signs of activity are present or upon request (usually the perimeter treatment acts as a protection barrier and the interior usually does not need to be treated). Attached garages also get treated as long as there is easy access to all four walls and corners.
  3. Set up bait stations at entry points and crawlspace / basement for rodent control.
  4. Schedule regular maintenance every 3-4 months to keep an eye on things, and to reapply the barrier outside the home and to also replenish the bait in the bait stations.
  5. If there are any pest issues that might flare up in between scheduled maintenance, you get a service call at no charge to you. Of course, if the need is urgent, we will be right out as soon as we can! An example of an urgent need might be a call for stinging insects. For instance, in the summer it is not unusual to have an underground yellow jackets nest near a pool.
  6. The cost? For the most homes (under 3,000 sq.ft.), a 12 Month Quarterly Prevention Pest Control Program cost only $480 +tax  for the entire year! That works out to be about $40 a month! Many companies charge this or much more just for the initial visit! Contact us to day to start saving and keep the pests away.

Immediate Control of Active Infestation

When a home is left untreated, eventually it will become infested with one or more pest organisms. PCI Pest Control has experience in quickly eliminating these unpleasant infestations. No you don’t have to move out of your home, and no it won’t cost you a fortune!

5 Things our customers LOVE about PCI:

  1. When you have a problem; we have an appointment slot for you! We understand when dealing with pest infestations the faster they disappear the sooner you can get back to the important things in your life like spending time with your family; we respect that. With immediate to 48-hour response time you can count on your pest problems being our priority.
  2. We solve problems instead of just selling services. We take pride in being a business in the service industry. We believe in what seems to be a disappearing world of not just meeting customer needs; but exceeding them. All of our services come with a guarantee period that allows our customers to be confident when they hire PCI they know there problems will be solved; guaranteed.
  3. Our reasonable prices! To help our customers make the right choice when choosing a pest control company we do our research! We can guarantee you that we will solve your problem and that we strive to provide excellent customer service; but what will that cost you? Well here at PCI we believe that extraordinary customer service & doing what you say you will do should be expected! If you call a plumber to fix your water problem- they should do just that! We spend time every 6 months evaluating our services and customer reviews as well as our competitors pricing. We offer discounts for activate military, seniors, and on our prevention services. Our customers rave about how our service guarantee doesn’t come with an extra expense.
  4. Our friendly knowledgeable staff. Our customer’s love that they know with a quick call, email, text, or facebook message any questions they have we can answer! We train our staff to have our customers needs (paying or not) be #1. We are happy to give advise, recommendations, and quotes without sending you a bill!
  5. We are local. We are not a franchise; we started out as a one man show eager to grow our customer base by wowing customers and providing quality service. It’s our values and ethics that have allowed us to continue to grow year after year. With a local company you can expect more! We take the time to understand our customer’s needs, which are unique to each individual. We care to find out what is important to you and what your goals/expectations are so that we can try our best to gain your trust by solving customer’s problems and meeting their needs. PCI is active in our community & truly enjoy giving back to it and supporting the local community; which is where we have found many of our favorite customers!
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
Did You Know?
... that PCI Pest Control offers a Military and Senior Discount for customers? Call today to set your appointment & save!
I was told exactly what the problem areas were and how they could be fixed. I loved the time I was given to have things very thoroughly explained to me. I highly recomnend this company!
I greatly appreciated your outstanding customer service from the initial contact person to the employee who checked our attic for bird nests, and screened any possible openings!!!!!
I greatly appreciated your outstanding customer service from the initial contact person to the employee who checked our attic for bird nests, and screened any possible openings!!!!!

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

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