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We love to take excellent care of our client’s homes. From a Peace of Mind Inspection to sealing up your attic and eaves to prevent birds, bats, and rats from entering we love providing quality work and educating our clients on how to keep their homes safe from potential pest problems.

We offer many applications methods to solve your pest problems, including non-chemical solutions. Click here to learn about our Green Pest Control Options. Some of our treatment methods include trapping, perimeter sprays, wall void injections, indoor and outdoor crack and crevice, and spot treatments.

What We Offer:

Inspections— Find out what kind of pest risk your home currently has so you can protect your valuable assets from the damage and expense of pests with our Peace of Mind Inspection. Just moved in? Hearing a noise in the wall? This is a great place to start.

Infestation Treatments — Carpenter ants, moisture ants, thatching ants, odorous house ants, spiders, fleas, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, carpenter bees, weevils, powder post beetles, termites, springtails, silverfish, earwigs, carpet beetles, and rodent treatments available.

Lawn/plant applications —We offer exterior lawn applications for infestations of Crane flies, fleas, and tent caterpillars. We are able to treat trees up to 30 feet.

Prevention Treatments— We offer year round prevention programs with safe and effective products for protection from ants, spiders, yellow jackets, wasps, and rodents. We offer this program quarterly, bi-monthly, and monthly depending on your needs. We also offer specific prevention treatments for spiders, yellow jackets, and wasps (nesting stinging insects), termites, and rodents if you are concerned only about a specific insect issue.

These programs are a great value and can include bait stations for monitoring and controlling rodent activity around your home. This prevention treatment is applied to the exterior of your home throughout the year to ward off and reduce pests from making your home their home. What about a change in weather or environment that causes a spike in pest activity? No problem. We’ve got you covered and offer no charge call back visits if an issue arises in-between services. Our quarterly bi-monthly, and monthly services also include a annual inspection of your crawlspace to ensure no entry points or rodent activity is present.

We met some of our clients in the:

“I think something might be going on” stage, the “I know I want treatment now” stage , and the “I don’t want issues in the future” stage.

“I think something might be going on stage”

Perhaps you are hearing a noise in the wall occasionally, found some mice droppings in the garage, see more spider webbings around the home then you prefer, or find small piles of sawdust-like material. Maybe you found an unusual insect and want to know what it is. We offer these clients what we call our Peace of Mind Inspection. We change (for homes up to 3,000 sq ft) to perform a Peace of Mind Inspection. During this service we are looking for any current pest issues as well as anything that could present a future issue. We make suggestions for any needed improvements and treatment if needed. This is not an inspection that can be used in place of a real estate inspection (WDO Inspection).

“I know I want treatment now”

You know you have a problem and sometimes can identify the pest and sometimes still are not certain what type of pest you are dealing with—you just want it to go away. We are able to provide a quote over the phone for just about any of our services and are willing to assess a pest with some quality photos you can send over to us at no cost. We can book the appointment and get your pest situation under control quickly safely and effectively. Check out our Pest Library to learn more about the types of pest we can help you with and learn more about treatment options here.

“I don’t want issues in the future”

Often we get phone calls from new homeowners, or homeowners who previously have experienced the headache of a pest problem in the past or have experienced the benefits and value of on-going prevention pest control services before. You could even be on a service plan currently with another company looking for a new pest control partner. We are happy to start you on service and perform a complementary Peace of Mind Inspection at the time of your treatment to make sure your home is safe and secure from potential infestations.

Feel free to call or email us today to learn more about a specific service and be sure to check out our FAQ's page to learn more.

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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
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... that PCI Pest Control offers a Military and Senior Discount for customers? Call today to set your appointment & save!
I was told exactly what the problem areas were and how they could be fixed. I loved the time I was given to have things very thoroughly explained to me. I highly recomnend this company!
I greatly appreciated your outstanding customer service from the initial contact person to the employee who checked our attic for bird nests, and screened any possible openings!!!!!
I greatly appreciated your outstanding customer service from the initial contact person to the employee who checked our attic for bird nests, and screened any possible openings!!!!!

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

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