Commercial Services

Commercial Accounts:

Is pest control necessary for a business space?
The answer is YES. And here is why.. In most industrial and commercial building areas you have a large volume of people in a small amount of space. Which creates lots of waste, and foot traffic that can drag in all sorts of pesky pests into your business doors. Another major consideration for businesses looking at a pest control program is the businesses that surround yours and the walls you share. Are you near a restaurant, grocery store, fast food joint, a plant nursery, coffee shop, or waste collection area? If so you are susceptible to more pet issues then normal. Contact us today for a FREE Peace of Mind Inspection to see what kind of problems you can eliminate & prevent from happening before they happen.

Property Managers:

We love to take the headache of pest related problems away from property mangers! By taking advantage of our Preventive pest control program property managers eliminate the hassle of pest related problems. An infestation treatment (depending on insect) averages around $300-$400 per infestation! Our prevention program typically runs about $30 a month for your average home size and includes the protection from ants, bees, spiders, mice, rats, and bees. How does this work?
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Well we treat the property three times a year in the seasons that pests are most active (Spring, summer & fall). If ANY issues arise throughout the year you or the tenants can give us a call and we will be out within 48 hours (sooner if urgent) to take care of the problem! We offer our same fabulous residential prevention pest control program to property mangers but with a bonus! If multiple homes are signed up on the prevention program we have a price break for each additional home added to the program. Call us today for a quote to avoid costly ant, bee, and flea treatments for tenants!

Home Owner Associations:

Do you live closer to your neighbors that you would like to? Well unfortunately whether you love your neighbor’s or not their pest problems are sure closer to you then you want them to be! If your neighbors have a pest problem it is likely that you might too. Pests are looking for shelter food and water.
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Once they get too large or run out of there necessities they will be looking for the nearest new shelter to call home. If your neighbor is proactive and does get their problem taken care of that’s wonderful! Except that doesn’t guarantee you won’t have the same problem they did. Perhaps they have a rodent issue and they repaired all entry points they were using to get into their home and crawlspace. Now where are these rodents going to go now? They will be looking for the nearest place to call home and often more times then not- that means YOUR home. The only way to truly control the problem is to have a community approach with prevention in mind. We can control the problem with a prevention program in place and regular on-going monitoring and service to keep the problems from happening and getting out of control. Not only are home owners apart of associations happy to be pest free- but ecstatic to hear that they receive a substantial discount for just being a member of their Home Owners Association. Call us today to get a free quote for your HOA!

Real Estate Brokers and Agents – If you knew what they know, who would you call?

In the very competitive world of Real Estate, Brokers are the “Captains of Industry”. Brokers and Owners are the most seasoned real estate professionals, responsible for every transaction, every agent in the field, and accountable to each client. Nobody knows the in and outs of the industry better – they have carefully built successful businesses in their local communities one transaction at a time.

Real Estate Agents can choose from literally hundreds of companies. Thankfully, they chose PCI – read why:

“I’ve known Matt for over 18 years, as a fellow soldier, a friend and in the last five years as my pest control technician. When he helped me with the yellow jacket nest in my attic, carpenter ants outside and pest inspections for my clients, he always gets the job done right, at the right price and he is always pleasant to work with.”

Dan James, REMAX Performance Plus, Federal Way, WA