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We are a local preventative full service Pest Control Company you can trust, serving the South Sound area of Washington since 1998. We always have your best interest in mind!

We offer a wide range of quality services to provide our customers complete support for there home needs. Listed below are a variety of services we offer. We love sharing with others about our services & how we can be of service. If you have any questions please contact us using our contact page, sending a text message (360.485.3207), calling us (360.458.8624), or you can check us out on Facebook!

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We Provide Fast Relief and/or Prevention From:

Once we have solved your current problem check out our no-contract annual prevention programs to keep control of pesky pest problems.

NO Contract Quarterly Prevention Service: 

Most of our clients are on our Quarterly Pest Prevention Service and LOVE it. This program is to prevent ants, spiders, yellow jackets, wasps, and rodents. This service is started following the elimination of an infestation or if no current infestation is present. It includes 4 visits throughout the year. One in the Spring (March-May) , Summer (June-August) , Fall (September-November) , and Winter (December-February) . We treat the exterior of the home with a product to protect you from ants, spiders, and we treat the eves of your home to prevent wasps and yellow jackets from nesting there. If you have no open entry points into your home that rodents could get into then we leave bait stations at your home as well as part of your quarterly service. Each quarterly visit we check these and replace and refill bait and monitor the feeding activity. At each winter service we also include a crawlspace inspection to ensure no new entry points have been made and to ensure your home is protected from potential pest problems. This service provides home owners a tremendous amount of peace of mind knowing there home is protected year round and being monitored for possible future problems. This saves people thousands in costly pest repairs in the future. Customers whom previously had a rodent, ant, spider, yellow jacket or wasp issue are happy to be on this service to ensure they do not have that infestation issue again in the future. Best of all if one of the targeted pest of this program come back around (spiders, ants, yellow jackets or wasps)   clients are no longer paying the infestation cost to rid of them it is simply covered in there service plan.  We won’t lock you into a  contract with a fee to stop service. We simply will come out each quarter until you request otherwise. We do ask for a 30 days heads up before your next service visit.  Call today to get a over the phone quote for your quarterly pest prevention program!

Annual Inspections:

To provide peace of mind about any possible problems your home has or could be developing. It is a good idea to have your home inspected regularly to check for any possible leaks that could be adding to your water bill or creating expensive repairs.
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Regular inspections will check for any pest/rodent activity that could be a hazard to your health or home, access points that need to be sealed off to keep unwanted pests from entering your home or crawlspace such as birds, ants, mice, rats, opossums, raccoon’s, and snakes. We believe in prevention, which is why inspections are so vital to the care of your home. You can reveal potential problems in an inspection and fix them before they become a real problem and a serious expense.

Repair work including:

Crawlspace door replacement, bird screening, bat exclusion and rodent screening to prevent entry. Preventative Pest Control Programs that protect your home year round using low toxicity materials to eliminate the problem before it happens.
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By treating your home with a environmentally friendly product periodically throughout the year you can sleep soundly knowing you won’t have to deal with the hassle of pesky ants, scary spiders, stinging bees, and nasty rodents. Plus you get the benefit of having a professional examine your home regularly. This can save you time, money, and hassle if a potential problem can be discover & attended to before it gets out of hand. Prevention is the foundation of our company because we are able to provide peace of mind with our year long 100% guarantee, free follow ups if any issues arise, and by using the least amount of chemicals to achieve the most effective treatment- our hundreds of prevention customers agree with us on this one- its a winning formula! 

Infestation Elimination:

Prompt effective elimination of active infestations of carpenter ants, sugar ants, termites, fleas, spiders, mice, rats and many other pests.